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School Committee member objects to location for Correia press conference



As media and Fall River residents wait to hear what Mayor Correia has to say at his announcement today at noon, a School Committee member has other concerns.

Vice Chairman of the Fall River School Committee Mark Costa in a statement this morning expressed his issue concerning the venue chosen by Correia.

Costa went on to say that:

“I am writing you to express my concerns, not about your announcement to take a leave from the office of Mayor and to suspend your re-election campaign, but the venue you have chosen. Your choice to stage this announcement with the new BMC Durfee High School construction as the backdrop is inappropriate. Let me remind you that today is scheduled school day and the 2300 students and staff at the high school should not be distracted by your political theatre. Your choice of venue, although symbolic and self-serving was done with no consultation with the School Committee or Superintendent of Schools.”

“I am asking as the Vice Chairman of the School Committee, you reconsider using the new BMC Durfee High School construction site for your significant announcement.”

mark costa statement

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. SocialCrustaceCrusader

    October 17, 2019 at 2:00 am

    Wow, what heroics, a powerless nobody on the school committee throwing a tantrum.
    This guy is so out of touch. Mark Costa has been on the F.R. school committee while F.R. schools have been in failure mode for years, but there is nothing to see here, just move along and vote him back in.

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