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Family of severely injured Westport girl looking for van



Avah, a Westport girl who was seriously injured in a car crash in June, has slowly been making progress. The family now could use a van to transport her.

Here is some of the progress Avah has made

Someone very wise taught me yesterday that it’s not always about the milestones but more about the inch-stones we make during recovery and today my baby achieved another inch-stone ? words can’t describe how proud I am of my girl and her progress! Today she started training on using a speak valve. The respiratory therapist said she was a rockstar and that most people don’t last more then a minute their first time, our Avah lasted 15 minutes!! I’ll finally be able to hear that voice wether it be to make sounds or say words I’ll take it!! Avah Marie I’m so proud of you baby girl! It’s only UP hill from here!! I’ll never let you fall! #LOML #MyWarrior #MySurvivor #MyMiracle #AvahStrongForLife

Posted by Monique Medeiros Ferreira on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Her mother sent out a plea on Facebook.

If you have any details on a van for the family, you can contact us or Monique herself.

Here is our previous story on Avah:

It has been a long road and she has much more to overcome, but Avah Carreiro is finally home.

You may recall that on June 24th several people were injured in an accident in Westport. The accident occurred at 126 State Road (Route 6) in Westport at approximately 6:00 p.m. The crash injured four people leaving one with a broken ankle and Avah in critical condition with severe brain trauma.

According to Avah’s aunt Cassandra, after 9 long weeks in the ICU at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Avah was able to go home Tuesday. Although Avah is finally in the comfort of her home again, her fight is far from over. Avah still has a long road ahead of her and could still use help and support from the community.

Avah sustained an anoxic traumatic brain injury that has left her in a vegetative state. She is no longer in a coma and is able to open one of her eyes. She does have reflex movement in her arms and legs. Avah had a tracheostomy and gtube put in. She remains on a vent most of the time, but can breathe on her own without ventilation a few hours a day. The doctors don’t believe Avah’s condition will improve, but the family has not given up hope. Their faith in God to help her remains strong. The family has also been trained to take care of her.

The family has been overwhelmed with all of the support and love they have received from the community since the crash and credit much of that support with getting them through this difficult time.

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