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Fall River City Council sets special meeting to set date for recall election



If Mayor Correia does not resign, which is likely, a special meeting has been scheduled to set a date for the recall election.

January 2 is when the special meeting will take place. The City Council is also scheduled to elect President and Vice President for 2019.

The Board of Elections met Thursday evening with the chair recusing herself from recall hearings. The Board is going to attempt to resolve several issues, but it is sounding more likely that the matter is headed to court as a proper hearing may not be able to be held and in the proper time frame.

The recall election must take place on a Tuesday at least 65 days after the date of the city clerk’s certificate according to the City Charter.

On Tuesday evening, the Fall River City Council voted unanimously to have the Fall River City Clerk send a letter to Mayor Correia to ask him to resign within 5 days. Due to holidays and weekends, that gives the Mayor until December 26th to decide.

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