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Correia co-conspirator Tony Costa sentenced to home confinement, probation



One of Jasiel Correia’s co-conspirators was back in court on Monday to be sentenced.

Local businessman, Tony Costa, faced Judge Woodlock concerning his plea agreement after pleading guilty to extortion.

Costa aided the prosecution in the conviction of Correia on 21 of 24 charges.

As part of the agreement, both Costa and the prosecution were looking for 15 months of home confinement during 3 years of probation, 200 hours of community service, and over $150,000 in penalties.

Judge Woodlock accepted most of the agreement including the home confinement and probation. Costa will only be able to leave his home for work, medical appointments, and religious concerns. Electronic devices will be paid for by Costa so he can be tracked. A curfew was set from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and 100 hours of hard working community service was also levied. The service must be in Fall River concerning something that residents would generally have to pay for. Costa also received a $10,000 fine and forfeits $107,550 due no later than completion of probation.

Costa will face sanctions if he commits another crime during the probation period and will be subject to DNA testing. Costa cannot open new lines of credit without checking with probation. Costa must also cooperate with the IRS concerning his tax issues.

Judge Woodlock found debating whether Costa should get prison time or not to be a difficult decision, but felt the circumstances surrounding Costa including family obligations (taking care of his mother and sister), his role in testifying in Correia’s case, and the shame brought to him in the community made where prison time wasn’t needed.

During Correia’s trial, Costa stated that he initially lied to investigators on multiple occasions because Correia and co-conspirator Heldagar Camara told him to make up a story. Costa corroborated that Correia told him it would cost $250,000 for a non-opposition letter for Tiverton businessman David Brayton. Costa also said that he gave Correia the infamous Batman watch to thank him for helping him with a water line job at one of his properties. Costa also had evidence that marijuana vendor Brian Bairos agreed to pay $250,000 to Correia for his letter.

Gen Andrade’s plea agreement was denied due to their being no additional jail time in the agreement and it is currently unclear whether she will be going to trial, getting her charges dropped, or getting a new agreement that will satisfy Judge Woodlock.

David Hebert is scheduled to face Judge Woodlock on his plea agreement on July 14th after pleading guilty for arranging illegal contributions to Correia’s re-election campaign.

Camara has a court date of July 22nd on his agreement.

Correia is set for sentencing on September 20th.

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