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7-year-old Massachusetts girl receives birthday present from FD, the recovery of doll she lost waiting for school bus



From left, Acton Firefighters Steve Dimeco and Clem Tyler use a pole with a net attached in an attempt to reach a doll after a 7-year-old girl dropped her friend’s doll into a storm drain on her birthday. The pole with a net attached didn’t work, but the firefighters were still able to retrieve the doll. (Courtesy Acton Fire Department) The star of the show as Acton firefighters rescued a 7-year-old girl’s doll from a storm drain on Thursday. (Courtesy Olga Lisysyan via Acton Fire Department) A doll that fell into a storm drain on Pond View Drive in Acton on Thursday morning as a 7-year-old girl was waiting for her school bus. Acton Firefighters helped the girl’s mother rescue the doll later in the morning. (Courtesy Olga Lisysyan via Acton Fire Department)

Losing a doll can be a tragic event for a young girl. No less on her birthday. That is when a Massachusetts fire department went into action to save the day.

According to Fire Chief Robert Hart, on Thursday, at approximately 9 a.m., Acton Fire Capt. James Byrne was driving on Pond View Drive in Acton when he noticed Olga Lisysyan, of Acton, using a pole and net to reach into a storm drain on the side of the road.

Capt. Bryne stopped to see if Lisysyan needed assistance, and learned that a doll had fallen out of Lisysyan’s 7-year-old daughter’s pocket and into the storm drain as the girl was waiting for her school bus. Lisysyan was trying to retrieve the doll for her daughter, who by that time had left for school on the bus.

The girl, who just turned 7 on Wednesday, was saddened because she had borrowed the doll from a close friend at school and was planning to return it to her, according to Lisysyan.

Capt. Bryne requested Ladder 28 respond to the scene to assist.

Firefighters Steve Dimeco and Clem Tyler used a Halligan pry bar to lift the grate off the storm drain and then retrieved the doll.

The 7-year-old and the doll were reunited after school was over, and the doll will be returned to its owner on Thursday.

“I’m very grateful to the Acton Fire Department,” said Lisysyan. “This was so appreciated.”

“Our firefighters face a wide variety of hazards and challenges, but this challenge was a little unique,” said Chief Hart. “I am proud of Capt. Byrne, Firefighter Dimeco, and Firefighter Tyler for showing that the Acton Fire Department is always here for our community, no matter what challenges await. On behalf of the entire Acton Fire Department, I would also like to wish this young member of our community a very happy birthday!”

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