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With tragedy of Notre Dame Church in Paris, Fall River Fire reminds us of their heroic battle



Photo courtesy of IAFF L-1314 Fall River Firefighters

Today’s tragic fire at Notre Dame Church in Paris is reminding many Fall River residents of a tragic fire that occurred in the city over thirty years ago.

IAFF L-1314 Fall River Firefighters reminded residents of the furious Notre Dame Church fire on their Facebook page.

“With the tragedy unfolding in Paris right now we can’t help but think about our own Notre Dame Church fire right here in Fall River on May 11th 1982.”

“The fire department responded quickly but their efforts were hampered by strong winds, intense heat from the fire and low water pressure in the hydrants. The fire, fanned by the high wind, spread to nearby buildings and soon engulfed homes and businesses on the next two streets. When the fire finally came under control many buildings were gone. The church was a total loss. The empty granite shell a ruin.”

“As devastating as this fire was it could have been so much worse if not for the herculean efforts of your Fall River Firefighters and some courageous decisions made by then Chief Louis Shea.”

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