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Westport Police arrest Facebook scammer, look for public’s help



Westport Police have arrested a Facebook scammer and they are looking for the public’s help to bring more possible victims to light.

According to Detective Robert Rebello, on September 7, 2019, police were requested to meet with the victim of a stolen motor vehicle at the Westport Police Sub Station located at 596 State Road. The victim, an active Navy service member, stated he had brought his truck, a red Dodge Dakota, to 28-year-old Cory Medeiros for repair. The victim stated he had contacted Medeiros through Facebook. Medeiros utilized Facebook to solicit customers while operating his unlicensed business out of his residence.

When the vehicle was delivered to Medeiros, it was in need of several repairs, and Medeiros was provided money for those repairs. A few weeks later, Medeiros contacted the victim and requested additional money for additional repairs. In total, over $300 was provided to Medeiros for parts and labor. After a short while, the victim reached out to Medeiros to inquire about the status of the vehicle. At that time, Medeiros told the victim a male in a white tow truck arrived at his residence to retrieve the vehicle on behalf of the victim. Medeiros stated he allowed the tow operator to take the vehicle.

Detective Majewski went to speak with Medeiros about the stolen truck. He told Detective Majewski the same story he had told the victim about the tow truck arriving to remove the vehicle. He also stated he had completed all the work on the truck, and the tow truck operator provided him with the owner’s name which is why he gave him the keys. The vehicle was then entered as stolen due to the fact the owner had not authorized anyone to pick up the vehicle.

Surveillance video from the area provided Detective Majewski with evidence of a white tow truck towing the red pickup from the area. A tip led Detective Majewski to the tow company which had removed the truck from Medeiros’ property.

While speaking with the owner of the tow company, who was completely cooperative, Detective Majewski discovered they too had fallen victim to Medeiros. They were sold the truck as a parts vehicle by Medeiros for $300. The owner stated he contacted Medeiros who had listed the truck for sale on Facebook. According to the tow truck operator, who also spoke with Detective Majewski, after arriving at Medeiros’ residence on September 5, Medeiros drove the pickup off the property and to the tow truck. Medeiros then provided the tow truck operator with the keys to the pickup.

The owner of the tow company then showed Detective Majewski the red Dodge Dakota which was in the tow yard. The truck was towed to a secure facility where the rightful owner was able to retrieve the vehicle.

On September 24, after completing his investigation, Detective Majewski went to speak with Medeiros again at his residence. During this conversation, Medeiros confessed to having sold the stolen vehicle after scamming the owner out of money he was paid to fix the vehicle. During the investigation, it was discovered Medeiros had never completed any of the repairs on the vehicle. Subsequently, Medeiros was arrested for Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, Larceny Under $1200 by False Pretense (2 Counts) and Misleading a Police Investigation.

The first charge of Larceny Under $1200 by False Pretense was due to Medeiros claiming to have completed tasks associated with repairs to the pickup truck. The second charge of Larceny Under $1200 by False Pretense was due to Medeiros selling the truck to the tow company after claiming he was the lawful owner of the vehicle.

The Westport Police Department is looking to identify any additional victims who may have contacted Cory Medeiros through his unlicensed repair business. Money paid for repairs may not have been completed, and vehicles may not be mechanically sound. Please contact the Westport Police at (508) 636-1122.

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