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Walmart grocery pick-up comes to North Dartmouth, is Fall River far behind?

Walmart grocery pick-up comes to North Dartmouth, is Fall River far behind?



A Walmart in Massachusetts has become one of the first to have grocery pick-up. Could Fall River not be far behind?

A service that Walmart started in June has been tested out in select spots across the country in places like Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida. Now its North Dartmouth’s turn as the service began on October 26th.

You never need to step in the store. You just park in one of the designated parking spots, and they load the groceries in your car.


How It Works: Ordering

Customers visit and enter their zip code.
Customers can then browse the Walmart Grocery assortment online, which carry the same prices as local Walmart stores.
During checkout, customers choose a designated store to visit and select a timeslot to pick up their order.
There is a $30 minimum purchase for all Walmart Grocery orders and pickup is always free.

How It Works: Free Pickup

Orders are fulfilled from our local stores by Walmart personal shoppers. Customers will receive a phone call to let them know when their order is ready and the specific location at the store to pickup – usually in front of or at the side of the store.
Once customers arrive at their pickup location, there will be reserved parking spaces for online pickup customers and a designated number to call in order to alert an associate in the store. That associate will quickly retrieve the prepared order and load it into the customer’s car.
Same-day pickup is available – orders placed by 2 a.m. will be available for pickup from 8 a.m. and orders placed by 10 a.m. will be available from 1 p.m.
Pickups can be scheduled seven days a week, up to three weeks in advance

Key Customer Benefits

No price mark-up – Walmart online groceries carry the same everyday low prices as local Walmart stores, no subscription fee required.

Save time & money with free pickup – We offer customers the convenience of shopping online and the ease of quickly picking up groceries without having to leave their cars, all at no additional cost.

Walmart’s lowest price – If prices in store decrease between the time an order is placed and when it’s picked up, customers will pay the lower amount on the day of pickup.

User Friendly- The site offers ways to save favorites and future shopping lists, making it even easier to order next week’s groceries. Plus you can order up to three weeks in advance.

Customers can return items at the time of pickup or return items later to a Walmart store.


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