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Vandals strike Plymouth Rock, other monuments



Photos courtesy of Town Selectmen Betty Cavacco

Police are looking for vandals that defaced Plymouth Rock and other Plymouth monuments.

According to the Town of Plymouth, residents woke up this morning to a person, or people, who deliberately vandalized some of the town’s historic monuments and landmarks.

The Town Manager, Melissa G. Arrighi, issued the following statement:

“The defacement of these symbols of Plymouth’s history, or any public property for that matter, is unfathomable and unconscionable. The Town of Plymouth Police are actively seeking those responsible and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Our Public Works crew are already working vigorously to obliterate the graffiti. For those of you who reached out to help with the cleanup – thank you. As always, I’m grateful to be part of a community where we rally when the actions of some try to hurt this Town.”

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