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Two city residents step up to support Fall River firefighters, community, during pandemic



Photo courtesy of Jason Burns

Through this pandemic, there have been several inspiring stories coming out of the Fall River area. This one in particular helps the community in multiple ways and you can be a part of it.

Marcy Ytkin and Rick Barlow have begun a venture to help make sure Fall River firefighters are protected during the COVID-19 pandemic while giving residents the opportunity to show their support for FRFD.

When Fall River Reporter contacted Ytkin, her passion for those who are risking their lives for the community was evident.

“As we all know, these are challenging times. With that said, supporting our frontline workers is particularly important to us.”

According to Ytkin, it all started when Barlow posted on his Facebook page that he was making masks for a few friends that are firefighters. Ytkin read Rick’s post and immediately reached out to him to see what she could do to help.

“I asked Rick if he was making masks for all firefighters? He stated, “That’s the plan”. I wanted to do whatever I could possibly do to help Rick succeed in this cause.”

Ytkin began by donating to help Barlow make COVID-19 masks for Fall River firefighters.

“Rick made the masks, and it took off from there. He is doing an amazing job. It has been extremely rewarding for me to be working with Rick. Especially when we see our firefighters wearing masks.”

Once people saw the masks that were being worn by FRFD, people began inquiring about how they could purchase a mask for themselves.

“I spoke to Rick and within minutes he designed an “I support firefighters” mask. People were extremely happy.”

Ytkin states that the masks made by Barlow are well made, comfortable, and are a way for the community to show that they back the department.

“For me, wearing the mask is a symbol of my support to our firefighters.”

The masks can be purchased by contacting Ytkin via email at or through private message on Facebook. A mask costs $8 for 1 or 2 for $12.

Proceeds go to making more masks for firefighters.

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