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Travel and planner app ranks top 10 Portuguese restaurants in Fall River



Actress Daniela Ruah visits Sagres Restaurant Fall River (courtesy of Sagres)

Fall River residents love their Portuguese food, and a travel app has ranked the restaurants in the city who they say serve it best.

Wanderlog has issued what they call a comprehensive list of Portuguese restaurants in Fall River using Google and other sources.

Here is the list with descriptions for each.

10. O Gil’s Restaurant 915 County Street

“O Gil’s Restaurant and Bar is a comfortable eatery that offers a spacious seating area, a well-stocked bar, and an extensive menu of traditional Portuguese cuisine. It has been a popular choice among customers for many years. The steak with fries, rice, and an egg is consistently delicious. The staff members are always friendly and provide excellent service. This establishment has maintained its high standards throughout its 25-year history, never failing to deliver a satisfying experience.”

9. Barca Restaurant 85 Columbia Street

“Barca Restaurant is a contemporary bistro in Fall River that offers an old-world ambiance with terra-cotta walls and tiled art. The restaurant’s outdoor seating area, complete with walls, roof, and heaters, provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere even on breezy days. The service is decent, and the pricing is reasonable. Guests can enjoy delicious dishes like Bife Barca, shrimp Mozambique, or short ribs with mashed potatoes.”

8. Clipper Restaurant 459 South Main Street

“I visited the Clipper Restaurant for the first time and had an incredible experience with my father. The waiter was very welcoming and provided great suggestions. The food was delectable, and the service was exceptional. I particularly enjoyed the well-prepared steak, which had a delicious flavor. Additionally, there were some tasty octopus pieces; however, there were also a few that were difficult to chew or cut through.”

7. Mesa 21 21 Lindsey Street

“Mesa21 is a sophisticated establishment that offers a variety of Portuguese dishes, seafood options, and the opportunity to create your own pizzas. It gained popularity after winning a gift certificate at a fundraiser seven years ago. Mesa21 is highly regarded for providing excellent service and serving delicious and innovative food in a warm atmosphere. The menu boasts an array of mouthwatering items such as octopus, Portuguese steak pizza, stuffed oysters, scallops, pork with littlenecks, and paella.”

6. T.A. Restaurant 408 South Main Street

“T.A. Restaurant is a family-operated establishment that has been serving authentic Portuguese cuisine, such as steaks and seafood, since 1981. The food is excellent and comes at reasonable prices, offering generous portions. Their drinks are also commendable. The restaurant consists of two sections; one is a more casual bar side where customers can seat themselves, while the other side provides a slightly more formal dining experience.”

5. Caravela Restaurant 637 South Main Street

“Caravela Restaurant in Fall River is a laid-back, family-friendly eatery that offers no-frills Portuguese cuisine. With a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot for a casual meal. Their menu features authentic dishes like Portuguese steak sandwiches with eggs, pepper, and garlic for lunch and steak plates with fries and rice for dinner. While the steak may not be as thick or fancy as some other cuts, Caravela’s focus is on providing delicious and traditional Portuguese fare.”

4. Estoril 1577 Pleasant Street

“Estoril is a popular Portuguese restaurant that offers a diverse selection of traditional dishes in an elegant and cozy setting. It has gained a loyal following over the years due to its impeccable service and knowledgeable staff, particularly Miss Nancy who goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service and also enlightens patrons about the cuisine. Its delectable food is highly praised, while some customers suggest that dimming the bright lights would enhance the overall ambiance of this exquisite establishment.”

3. Fall River Grill 363 Second Street

“Fall River Grill is a casual restaurant and bar that offers simple yet delicious Portuguese and American cuisine. The dining room features large windows, creating a cozy and rustic ambiance. The menu includes generous servings of Portuguese dishes such as Lapas dos Acores and Galinha Alentejana. Despite the changes in the entrance over the years, the restaurant has maintained its quality food and service, making it a pleasant surprise for returning customers.”

2. Caldeiras Restaurant 990 Pleasant Street

“Caldeiras Restaurant is a sophisticated eatery that offers authentic Portuguese cuisine with a seasonal focus and an extensive wine list. Located in the Flint neighborhood, it is known for its well-presented dishes such as slow-cooked Azorean roast beef, garlicky shrimps, marinated chicken, and fresh Mediterranean salads. The restaurant also offers a fine selection of Portuguese wines and a value set menu for couples from Sunday to Thursday.”

1. Sagres Restaurant 177 Columbia Street

“Sagres Restaurant is a chic, contemporary dining establishment in Fall River that offers classic Portuguese cuisine. This casual, family-owned eatery has a stylish and modern dining room with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is renowned for its delectable Portuguese dishes, served in an upscale setting. The restaurant has received high praise for its scrumptious offerings, including the flavorful chicken plate that exceeds expectations in taste and portion size. The attentive service provided adds to the overall dining experience.”

What are your favorites?

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1 Comment

  1. MortisMaximus

    March 24, 2024 at 6:27 pm

    Sagres #1 all day long…

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