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Top stories of 2018: Jungleland makes mark in Fall River area



Photo by Trisha Mello

This past summer was indeed the summer of Jungleland.

Throughout the South Coast, but particularly in Fall River, fans couldn’t get enough of the filming process or the movie’s stars. Especially Charlie Hunnam.

Romulus Entertainment, Big Red Films and Scott Free Productions announced the start of principal photography for the film at the end of August and shooting took place in the area into October. Max Winkler directed and co-wrote the drama starring Hunnam, Jack O’Connell and Jessica Barden. Brad Feinstein, Jules Daly, Kevin Walsh, and Ryan Stowell produced the film which has since completed filming.

In case you have forgotten, the movie is based on the plot of a reluctant bareknuckle boxer (O’Connell) and his brother (Hunnam) who must travel across the country for one last fight, but have an unexpected travel companion (Barden) expose the cracks in their bond.

Now to the bond between Hunnam and Fall River.

If locals didn’t get accepted into the frenzy of becoming an extra, some men, and many women, were on the run throughout the city trying to get a glimpse of Hunnam or maybe even a picture if lucky enough. The search for Hunnam became a bit like a more attractive version of “Where’s Waldo?” as the question of the day consisted of various versions of “Where is Charlie? Hunnam was followed to several filming locations in the city. The YMCA, Bedford Street, and Knights Auto to name a few.

While some became frustrated with those who were consumed with finding Hunnam, the tv and movie star was consistently gracious throughout and didn’t seem to mind the attention as long as he wasn’t bothered during filming. He often went about his business and walked along the city without security. As long as he was being treated with respect, the aura that the film brought to Fall River was great for the city and something we may not see again in our lifetime so why not enjoy it? Hunnam left Fall River residents with moments they will be talking about with their children and grandchildren and for that alone, the man deserves a tip of the hat.

Besides Fall River, Jungleland shot in New Bedford, Taunton, and Pawtucket along with Buffalo, NY, Gary, IN, Reno, NV and San Francisco, CA.

A release date has not been confirmed, but is expected to occur in 2019.

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