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Three states added to Massachusetts low risk travel list



Three new states have been added to the Massachusetts’ travel low-risk list for COVID-19.

Missouri, Oregon, and Washington will join Hawaii and Puerto Rico as low risk states or territories at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning.

Recently, North Dakota was added to the lower-risk list, but was back to being restricted.

All individuals entering Massachusetts who are over the age of 18 or an unaccompanied minor must complete and submit the on-line Massachusetts Travel Form unless the individual meets an exemption below:

Lower-risk State
Transitory travel
Persons Commuting for Work or School
Patients Seeking or Receiving Medical Treatment
Military Personnel
Workers Providing Critical Infrastructure Services

Massachusetts residents are urged to limit any out-of-State travel only to states designated as COVID-19 lower-risk States.

In determining whether you are required to complete the Massachusetts Travel Form and whether you may be required to comply with the 14-day quarantine requirement, you will be treated as “arriving from” a place other than a COVID-19 lower-risk state if you were present in any State or jurisdiction not on the list of COVID-19 lower-risk states for more than a transitory period of time in the last 14 days.

For a state to be deemed a low-risk state for travel, the state must have less than 10 average daily cases per 100,000 people.

A $500 per day fine could result for not complying.

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