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Swansea receives good news on Swansea Mall redevelopment plan



According to Swansea Selectman Christopher Carreiro, the town will be receiving a grant to assist with the redevelopment of the Swansea Mall.

Carreiro issued the following statement:

Great news for the Town of Swansea and my proposal to redevelop the Swansea Mall! This morning, I received notification that the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (“SRPEDD”) has awarded the Town of Swansea a grant to assist with establishing a Redevelopment Authority and an Urban Renewal Plan for our efforts surrounding the Swansea Mall!

Here is what they said in their e-mail: “SRPEDD is pleased to award $20,000 to Swansea to assist with the town’s redevelopment efforts surrounding the Swansea Mall. We also intend to supplement this award with Swansea’s 40 hours of free technical assistance through SRPEDD’s FY19 Municipal Assistance (MA) Program. These combined DLTA and MA resources will allow us to work with you to establish a Redevelopment Authority and to advance the creation of an Urban Renewal Plan. We look forward to this project.”

Thank you to our Town Planner John Hansen, Jr. for his hard work on this initiative!

Here is a copy of Carreiro’s proposal:

powerpoint_presentation_swansea mall

For more on the presentation, click here.

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