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Swansea man looking to find suspect who vandalized vehicle with obscenities



A Swansea man is looking for the culprit behind the vandalism of a vehicle.

Ryan Lewis discovered that the car was spray painted with obscene language and he can’t figure out who would of committed the act.

“Last night at 9:34 p.m., someone came by and vandalized the car parked outside of my family’s house. Our ring doorbell didn’t catch them because they seemed to have scouted out the area earlier in the day. It was a black Honda Civic hatchback with the license plate starting with 9TA. I caught them driving slowly past our house and taking pictures with their mask on of our yard and driveway. Hope everyone stays safe and if the person responsible is reading this, you’ll be caught one way or another, and that’s the Lewis promise. We welcome any and all information associated with this act. This happened on Lees River Drive.”

If you have any information, contact Swansea Police at 508-674-8464.

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