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Sutter, Coogan, 18 city council candidates, advance after Fall River’s preliminary election



Here are the results from Tuesday’s Fall River preliminary election for mayor and city council.

In convincing fashion, Coogan and Sutter advance to the municipal election scheduled for November 7th.

Paul Coogan 4,285 60%
C. Samuel Sutter 2,516 35%
Michael Vandal 326 5%

Here are the results for city council where the top 18 of 19 are headed to the Municipal Election where the top 9 will earn a seat. The Fall River City Council will see at least one new member as Leo Pelletier did not run for re-election.

Linda Pereira 3,538
Bradford Kilby 3,157
Joseph Camara 3,141
Shawn Cadime 3,027
Cliff Ponte 2,933
Paul Hart 2,894
Andrew Raposo 2,557
Michelle Dionne 2,431
Alexander Silva 2,110
Gabriel Amaral 2,005
Jordan James Silvia 1,960
Laura Jean Washington 1,942
Pamela Laliberte 1,843
Ricky Tith 1,752
Joshua Texeira 1,635
Bob Pearson 1,528
Gloria Saddler 1,464
Paulo Amaral 1,310
Joseph Salvador 892

There was no preliminary election for School Committee as there were not enough candidates. The School Committee will see at least one new member with current committee member Paul Hart running for city council. Those facing off in the Municipal Election for the 6 seats are:

Kevin Aguiar
Warren Alves
Bobby Bailey
Rene Brown
Charles Chase
Collin Dias
Thomas Khoury
Michelle Larrivee
Shelli-Ann Pereira
Sara Rodrigues



  1. Portuguese Princess

    September 21, 2023 at 7:59 am

    It’s a weak field, but the top nine are better than ten and below. Pam will be a big loss for the City if it plays out this way. Let’s hope her supporters find understanding in their hearts, as she was a victimized woman and did nothing wrong, given the details of the situation. I give her credit for not backing down or disclosing details that may have hurt others.

    Jordan should never be elected after using his status as a police officer to pull out a gun and discharge it in a drunken rage-filled incident, not to mention the racist blackface stunt that WSAR covered a few years back. We don’t need that on the Council.

    • PrinceofDarkness,NOT

      September 21, 2023 at 8:26 pm

      Since when does breaking the law stop the political career of a Democrat? Pam broke the Sacrament of Marriage for which I am much more alarmed! Democrat Adulterers, destroying the family unit, since 10,000 BC. Pam is toast politically, she has brought too much attention and scrutiny to the council chambers. She should have been doing her Job of scrutinizing Government instead of acting like an egomaniac. She is not compatible with the position of Fall River City Councilor. She can always repent for the restoration of her Soul.

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