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Suspects in catalytic converter thefts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts accused of thousands in damages



Police in Massachusetts have captured a trio that they believe are responsible for at least $12,000 in damage due to stealing catalytic converters in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

According to Mark Dubois, Police Chief in Braintree, dispatch received an alarm call from a business on Wood Road. After a thorough search of the property and surrounding area units could not locate anyone. About a half hour later, another call came in and the alarm company could see several people on camera in the fenced-in yard. Multiple units responded and formed a perimeter around the yard. Officers entered the yard by jumping the fence. They then heard individuals on the other end of the lot jumping the fence to get out towards Chickatawbut Road. Officers followed the sound of the suspects crashing through the woods. While doing so, the officers came across six catalytic converters in a pile next to the fence.

Massachusetts State Police and Quincy Police were called to help establish a larger perimeter. A Braintree officer on the perimeter saw a suspect leave the woods and when confronted, attempted to flee back into the wooded area. Officers entered the woods and located three suspects hiding down in the thick brush. Two of the suspects were then taken into custody but a third attempted to flee again. This suspect was apprehended after a brief struggle.

Officers discovered a Sawzall where two of the suspects were apprehended. Damage to the trucks was estimated to be over twelve-thousand dollars. The suspects were charged with Trespassing, Larceny over $1200, 3 counts of Malicious damage to a motor vehicle, and possession of a burglarious tool.

The suspects are identified as Alberto Rivera, age 22, Cranston, RI, Kuron Mitchell, age 23, Providence, RI, and Richard Robinson, age 32, Providence, RI.

Further investigation is on-going, and it appears that these three alleged thieves may be connected to other catalytic converter thefts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Sgt. Charles Bata, Officer Jennifer Zakowsky, Officer Christopher Horigan, Officer Sean Dias, Officer Patrick McLeod, Officer James Lindelof, Officer John Cole, Dispatcher Jason Dernier, and Dispatcher Danielle George have been nominated for the Police Award Certificate for their actions in this incident.



  1. Jake Perry

    December 5, 2022 at 9:31 am

    Alberto Rivera, age 22, Cranston, RI, Kuron Mitchell, age 23, Providence, RI, and Richard Robinson, age 32, Providence, RI. are all worthless human beings and will receive kama tenfold.

  2. Dennis

    December 5, 2022 at 10:01 am

    Great job officers!! Nice police work. Congrats.

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