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Study suggests many more Massachusetts residents contracted COVID-19 compared to state statistics



A UK study suggests that a good number of the Massachusetts population has already gotten the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In the study, conducted by Imperial College London, estimates that 13% of the residents in Massachusetts have already come down with COVID-19.

With that percentage, that is almost 900,000 people in the state. As of today, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has 92,675 positive cases among tested residents.

Nationally, their estimates show that the percentage of individuals that have been infected is 4.1% [3.7%-4.5%], with wide variation between states.

The study also suggests that in most of the country, the pandemic is not under control.

The researchers state that they believe that increased mobility following relaxation of social distancing will lead to a resurgence of cases.

The study estimated about 96,000 bay state residents were infectious as of May 17 which ranks second in the country behind Illinois.

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