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Somerset Police looking for suspect in theft of money, gifts cards from Superhero Alex’s family



Somerset Police are looking for the suspect who allegedly stole hundreds of dollars in money and gift cards from a parent of a special Somerset boy.

Cassie Placido, whose son is well known as Superhero Alex, had her wallet stolen out of her car in Somerset on January 27th.

“Thank you to whoever stole my wallet the one time I accidentally left it in the car. Those gift cards are from kind people who support our family while our son goes through CANCER treatment to BUY GROCERIES. I totally appreciate you attempting to use all my Credit cards- and for stealing the cash I had in my wallet. I am working part time. I can’t return full time because of all this. My partner hasn’t worked since APRIL taking care of our son. And you even taking my license and work business cards. Hundreds- gone. I hope you have stale chips every day for the rest of your life. I hope you stub your toe every night on the way to the bathroom. Hope the few hundred was worth it. Happy Friday.”

The suspect stole $200 in the wallet and $500-$700 dollars in gift cards, among other things.

16-year-old Alex Rogers is known across the community for his personality and fight and has spent a good deal of time at Boston Childrens Hospital. Alex is also on the bone marrow transplant list.

Somerset Police say that a transaction using one of the stolen credit cards was later attempted at the President Avenue CVS location on January 28, 2022 in Fall River by the suspect in the photo. If anyone is able to identify the subject in the attached images, contact the Somerset Detective Division at 508-679-2138.

If you are interested in donating to the family’s fundraiser, click here.

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