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Somerset Police instituting technology for quicker response times at schools



According to the Somerset Police Department, a new technology is being implemented to increase information and response times when responding to school emergencies.

Several months ago, Chief McNeil and Superintendent Schoonover discussed bridging the inherent communication gap between the police department and the schools. A Danver’s based company called In Force Technology was contacted and demonstrated their product. Their software solutions enable a faster, more efficient and safer response to any life-threatening situation through real-time alerting and communication

The Somerset Police Department in conjuntion with the Somerset School Department have since contracted with In Force Technology to help provide teachers, students and parents with peace of mind.

Within the next month, In Force will begin implementation of their product within our schools and police department. This will include training on the usage of the application and will establish a real-time, two-way chat portal between those under threat directly to our dispatchers and officers in their cruisers.

In light of recent acts of targeted school violence, the United States Department of Justice released a study which recognized that reduction in police response time is the most important element to mitigate loss of life. In Force911 directly alerts officers and dispatchers in seconds, rather than minutes with detailed and specific information. Law Enforcement Officers receive GPS locations, Floor Plans and Pre-Plans of the building under threat.

Faster and reliable information enables law enforcement to respond with greater situational awareness. Staff members also communicate in real-time sharing pertinent information and helping formulate better decision making.

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