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Rescue crews, bystanders, save life of man who almost drowned in Massachusetts pond



Rescue crews and bystanders saved the life of a man today who almost drowned in a Massachusetts pond after pleading for help.

According to the Halifax Fire Department, at just before 12:30 p.m., the Halifax Police and Fire Departments responded to the area of Ridge Road and Lantern Lane for a report of a person in the water, not breathing.

Reports started to come in that the man flipped over in his kayak and was still in the water. Bystanders were nearby, as one of them initially heard the patient shouting for help. The fire department was already involved with another medical in town and issued an “all call” for all available manpower to come to the station and the scene. The backup ambulance and boat were dispatched.

Halifax Police and Fire moved to several addresses in the area trying to pinpoint the exact location of the patient in the East Monponsett Pond. Two bystanders were assisting and eventually pulled the man to shore right as emergency services arrived on scene.

The patient was found with agonal breathing and cyanotic in color. After some treatment, the patient regained full consciousness and was transported to Beth Israel in Plymouth.

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