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Letter: Fall River mother wants to thank strangers for random act of kindness towards autistic daughter



“This morning my amazing daughter went to Price Rite. She has wanted a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts, but we didn’t have enough money. She had grabbed a snack and wanted to return it after we paid for it so she could go buy a donut. There was this amazing, selfless woman, very pretty and she had a Friendly’s shirt on (I’m guessing she worked there). This woman heard my daughter and I talking and came over and handed my daughter $5 and said keep your snack and go get a donut and whatever else you want. This made my little girl’s whole entire day and also mine.”

“There still are amazing people in the world I wanted to publicly thank this amazing woman for making my little girls’ day. You are heaven sent and you deserve all the good in this world.”

“Then as we were walking to the exit, another woman walked up to her and handed her a dollar. So, I wanted to publicly thank you as well.”

“They have no idea what they did for my daughter. She’s an autistic amazing little girl and when this happened, we got in the parking lot, and she cried tears of joy. She’s never experienced such an amazing act of kindness! People, you never know what doing the smallest thing for someone could do for them or make them feel. Always be kind and help when you can. Thank you again so much.”

Misty Guilbeault

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