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Police looking for suspect who allegedly forged prescription

Dartmouth Police are looking for a suspect who allegedly forged someone elses name for a prescription.

Dartmouth Police issued the following statement.

“Calling all cAHs…Calling all cAHs”

“Though all of us here at DPD are much more concerned about getting sick with a different kind of virus these days, do you know what else also makes us sick to our stomachs? Yup. You guessed it…THIEVES!”

“In an effort to help us start feeling a bit better, we are requesting a little dose of assistance with identifying this guy, who recently tried to pass a forged prescription at a local pharmacy.”

“If anyone would like to help us get one step closer to developing a vaccine for thievery, they are encouraged to either send us a private message or call Detective Sean “Doc” McGuire at 508-910-1733.”

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