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One of Fall River’s favorite restaurants becoming popular choice for possible big and small screen action



One of Emeril Legasse’s favorite Fall River spots is also becoming a spot under consideration for movies and television.

Mee Sum, located at 1819 South Main Street, may be featured again on the small or big screen.

Part owner Regina Mark stated that industry folks visited the restaurant today to possibly use the location, however, she is not sure what for.

She also stated that the movie Jungleland, which shot many scenes in Fall River, came to the eatery, but they didn’t use it in the flick. Mark is hoping that the second time is the charm.

CNN came to see Mee Sum on August 6th of 2019 for a story on the Chow Mein sandwich. With the story, the landmark restaurant decided to also raise money to help repair St. Anne’s Church by selling over 1,500 Chow Mein sandwiches that raised over $10,000. CNN staff even chipped in to help.

Fall River native, restaurant owner, chef, and former tv show host, Emeril Legasse featured Mee Sum and stated how much he loved the Chow Mein sandwiches.

In 2018, Thrillist ranked Mee Sum one of the top 25 Chinese restaurants in America.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nancy Mercier

    July 9, 2022 at 6:12 am

    This restaurant has always been a favorite to my family. My mom (whom is now 92 yrs young) still talks about Mee Sum’s as her favorite. We would stop here more than 3 times per month. She no longer lives near by so I will surprise her and bring to where she is living today.

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