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Enjoy the Chow Mein Sandwich? A fan of China Royal? A look back

Did you know there was a Chow Mein Sandwich song created out of Fall River?



Did you know that there is a Chow Mein Sandwich song that was created right out of Fall River?

Oliver Wang, who is a Professor of Sociology at CSU-Long Beach, loves the Chow Mein Sandwich. So much so that he created a presentation at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian American Studies in San Francisco, CA.

Wang was working on an essay for an upcoming anthology about Chinese restaurants in North America and had been wanting to find an excuse to write about the Chow Mein Sandwich for a while.

In this slide show, some iconic Fall River landmarks and personalities are featured including Emeril Lagasse, China Royal, and the sandwich itself.

While most of the presentation is based on the history of the beloved sandwich, a throw back song based on the Chow Mein Sandwich by Alika and the Happy Samoans may be the most interesting part of the ensemble. The group was a popular performer at the China Royal and recorded an album in July 1974 with the aforementioned tune.

Here is a history of the song and the sandwich courtesy of Oliver Wang.

Live at the China Royal: A Funky Ode to the Chow Mein Sandwich (AAAS 2018) from Oliver Wang on Vimeo.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tricia R

    April 18, 2018 at 8:17 am

    My Mom LOVED these! (She grew up in New Bedford, and she’d be 93 if among us today.) She and her sister Lorraine would take 10 cents from their newly-cashed paychecks to each buy one, and they’d eat it on their way home since they couldn’t resist waiting!
    When I’d visit my parents in FL, I would line my suitcase with boxes of Hoo-Mee Chow Mein Mix, much to her delight – lol. Good memories.
    (Catchy little tune and interesting PowerPoint presentation, by the way — thanks for the homage!)

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