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Officer tracks down child’s family who sent off balloon in Taunton



Photo courtesy of Bristol County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Nelson Brum made some headlines Wednesday after finding a balloon with a heart-breaking message on it, written by a child to their deceased father. It got hundreds of shares in community Facebook groups and through the media.

According to the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, on Thursday afternoon, Deputy Brum had a nice, emotional conversation with the child’s family, who saw the balloon picture on Facebook in the morning and contacted the Sheriff’s Office looking for Deputy Brum.

Turns out the balloon was released in a Taunton cemetery 12 months ago. The paper, the balloon and the tape holding the note all survived the elements over the past year, traveling to who know’s where before floating into Deputy Brum’s cruiser on Wednesday afternoon.

After the conversation with the family, both parties agreed that Deputy Brum would keep the balloon and the note. If they ever want it back, whether tomorrow or years from now when the child is older, all they have to do is ask and he’ll bring it to them.

According to the BCSO, Deputy Brum has a reputation around the Sheriff’s Office as someone who will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.

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