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MSP, Baker, Polito issue statements on violent D.C. protests as Massachusetts protest is scheduled tonight



Several statements have been released concerning the protests taking place at the Capitol today in Washington D.C. that resulted in protestors in Senate chambers, the breaking into the offices of politicians, and an incident where someone was shot inside the Capitol.

Dave Procopio issued the following statement on behalf of the Massachusetts State Police:

“The Massachusetts State Police continue to monitor developments related to protest activity in Washington D.C. as well as planned demonstrations in our state, and will be prepared to ensure that any protestors in our areas of jurisdiction are able to freely express their right to demonstrate provided they do so peacefully and with respect for the rights, safety, and property of others. At this time we are not aware of any expectation of violence in Massachusetts tonight; we continue to monitor developments and will be prepared for any contingencies.”

“We are aware of protest activity planned for this evening in the city of Boston and are working with our partners at Boston Police to ensure safety of those involved and of the surrounding community.”

Today, Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito issued the following statements:

“I join with Americans from every corner of the country to condemn the violence unfolding at the Capitol, and President Trump and his supporters must do the same immediately,” said Governor Baker. “The chaos now unfolding is the sad but predictable outcome of weeks of attacks, perpetrated by President Trump and his supporters against the democratic process that makes America the greatest nation on earth, and these baseless challenges to President-elect Biden’s victory must stop.”

“The horrific violence unfolding at the Capitol is an attack on our democracy and should be condemned without qualification by President Trump and his supporters,” said Lt. Governor Polito. “It is time for all Americans to embrace a peaceful transition of power and move forward to heal our nation.”

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