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Mother of deceased Tiverton boy has pictures of him stolen; looking to public for help



Photo courtesy of Josh Barbosa

11-year-old “Super Shawny” Smith lost his courageous battle with cancer late last year. Thanks to help from the community, the Tiverton boy was on an adventure knocking down his bucket list items after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

His mother now needs our help.

Shawny’s mother, Monica Beth Velozo, had her camera stolen last week at Colt State Park 6/28/2021. This camera had an SD card with personal photos from Shawny’s adventures up to his last days on it. She doesn’t care if she gets the camera back as much as the SD card.

“Last weekend we celebrated the life of a good friend at Colt State Park(6/28). I made a bad judgment call by placing my camera on a chair and enjoying the day with friends. That is the last time I physically had it. (And can be seen in videos from the day). From there we went directly to a mini squad members bday movie in providence. From there home in Tiverton to pack for our camping trip. I know there was break-ins throughout Tiverton last week as well. That is a very good possible it was the same scumbags.”

“The camera is replaceable. I worked my ass off to get it 6 years ago and I will do the same to get a new one if needed.”

“I am BEGGING for my SD card. Pictures mean everything to me. Literally. I NEED those pictures. After Ayden (another child of hers) passed away, pictures became all I had. Everyone KNOWS I’m a picture whore. I have my camera or phone out every chance I can to capture the moment, the memory. I know what it feels like to ONLY have that left.”

“That SD card has all my boys adventures. From Shawny’s first adventure in Philly to his very last days with Jaxson, his doctors and nurse.”

“Please. I am a very understanding human. You can have the camera, I’ll help you sell it. I’ll pay you for the SD card if it’s money you need. Scroll through the pictures and know that’s my heart you have.”

“I’ve made a police report, called Colt State and started calling the pawn shops nearby but nothing can stop a community, a squad. I am pleading and begging for help. Please help me get my pictures back.”

“Camera is a Canon t3 with an extended lens attached. Body is old. Nothing fancy. I bought it used 6 years ago. Will stand out with the lens that is attached. Lens has marks on it as well.”

“Please!! (Photo of the body and extended lens) 62 Main Rd. Tiverton, RI – 774-315-8865. (I work almost every weekday 3 to close at Dunkin’ on Main Rd as well.)”

“Camera could have POSSIBLY been taking during the Tiverton break ins late last week as well. We live near the Fire station/Tiverton liquors.”

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