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Massachusetts nurse accused of physically and verbally assaulting elderly dementia patient



A Massachusetts man working as a Licensed Practical Nurse has been indicted and arraigned in connection with allegations that he physically and verbally assaulted an elderly dementia patient where he worked, Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell announced.

Tonny Kiyaga, 47, of Marlborough, was arraigned Thursday in Middlesex County Superior Court on charges of Assault and Battery on an Elder or Disabled Person, Witness Intimidation, and Threatening to Commit a Crime.

Following Kiyaga’s not guilty plea at the arraignment, Magistrate Judge Daniel Flaherty required Kiyaga to stay away from and have no contact with the victim and his family, to stay away from and have no contact with witnesses, and to not provide services in a healthcare setting without another employee being present.

Kiyaga was indicted on the charges by a Middlesex County Grand Jury on March 23.

The charges are the result of an investigation by the AG’s Medicaid Fraud Division and detectives from the Arlington Police Department, based on a referral from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Investigators allege that, on August 29, 2021, Kiyaga assaulted the elderly dementia patient at the Arlington rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility, and after the patient cried out, another employee of the facility witnessed Kiyaga shove and intimidate the patient and threaten to assault him again.

Following an internal investigation of the alleged assault, Kiyaga’s employment was terminated; his nursing license has been suspended as a result of this incident.

The case is being handled by Assistant Attorney General Matthew Jones and Investigator Fatima Tanveer of AG Campbell’s Medicaid Fraud Division, with assistance from the Arlington Police Department and the Department of Public Health. Park Avenue Health Center fully cooperated with the investigation.



  1. peter buccheri

    April 16, 2023 at 10:51 am

    my mom was abused at hannah dustin in haverhill ma by a female nurse thst worked 11-7 am my mom needed surgery to remove lump left by abuse and dr confirmed she was abused who did the surgery tht place should be investigated we witnessed at least 5 ederly patients being abused there one broke a bone and we saw patients dying in there abd being wheeled out covered up there is something seriously wrong with that place no to mention the lack of food we complained so much to the guy who runs it and he did nothing he let that nurse continue to work there he did nothingg about the food it was a horrible experience and would not reccomend that place to anyone

  2. Vin dog

    April 16, 2023 at 10:46 pm

    This is a daily and nightly occurrence at nursing homes. I’ve seen it all the time by both nurses and aides. What the hell do you think was happening during Covid when family members and visitors weren’t allowed. Many people died of outright neglect at many, if not most, nursing homes. If you love someone, do not let them go to nursing homes. Chronically understaffed. Night shift routinely sleeps throughout the night. Your loved ones will end up on the floor or lying in their own mess for hours. And will be lucky to actually get their medication.

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