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Massachusetts family finds live Civil War-era cannonball



Photo courtesy of Mansfield Police

A Massachusetts family found and interesting and potentially dangerous find.

According to Massachusetts State Police, last Thursday, just after 9:00 p.m. Troopers Scott Irish and Steve Sicard from the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad responded to a home on Charlene Drive in Mansfield after a suspicious spherical object was found by family members at the residence.

When Troopers arrived on scene, they visually examined the object, which had been placed on the ground next to a Mansfield Police cruiser. The object was a spherical metallic ball, approximately 4 inches in diameter, and was severely corroded. The Bomb Squad Troopers then took multiple x-rays of the object, which revealed inconsistencies within, indicating its interior was not homogenous matter. The x-ray image was consistent with cannonballs that have an interior void space filled with whatever explosive material was used by its manufacturer.

Based on that finding, as well the Troopers’ experience and additional research, they determined that the item was a Civil War-era cannonball and that it could be live.

The Troopers determined the best and safest course of action was to conduct a disposal and render the cannonball safe. The Mansfield Police and Fire Departments chose a safe disposal site in their town and made the proper notifications.

The Bomb Squad Troopers safely countercharged the cannonball. The manner in which the ball exploded when countercharged confirmed the Troopers’ suspicions that it was indeed live and still could have posed a threat.

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