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Massachusetts COVID-19 cases near 35,000, 200,000 respirator masks to be distributed



Massachusetts has seen 2,221 more positive cases in the last 24 hours. A decrease from the previous 24 hour period.

The Massachusetts Department of Health statistics show a rise in total cases to 34,402 with 159 more reported dead for a total of 1,404.

Massachusetts had seen 2,263 more positive cases in the previous 24 hour period.

There were 7,971 new tests conducted for a total of 148,744.


Cases per city and town as of April 14th.


• Massachusetts residents subject to COVID-19 quarantine by current status up to April 14th, 2020
• Total of individuals subject to quarantine: 17,605
• Total of individuals who have completed monitoring (no longer in quarantine): 8,118
• Total of individuals currently undergoing monitoring/under quarantine: 9,487

According to the CDC, as of April 17th, the total amount of cases in the country is 661,712 (660,430 confirmed; 1,282 probable) with 33,049 (28,823 confirmed; 4,226 probable) dead.

The Baker-Polito Administration today announced the distribution of approximately 200,000 respirator masks for all local law enforcement officers and firefighters to ensure they have the protective equipment during the COVID-19 crisis. These FDA-approved respirator masks will be distributed to all local law enforcement officers, including sheriffs and college and university police, and firefighters starting today through a coordinated effort by the COVID-19 Response Command Center and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers are continuing to receive these types of masks and other PPE.

To facilitate quick distribution of these masks, MEMA is employing a regional point of distribution (POD) model where communities can pick up their supply of masks at their designated MEMA POD. These POD sites are open today and have already distributed tens of thousands of masks to first responders in the first few hours.

This new distribution will ensure that local law enforcement and firefighters will have five respirator masks each, equivalent to a one month’s supply. Including conservation methods currently being used by some organizations, this will provide each individual a mask per week and a spare, allowing the mask to dry overnight and reuse for up to one week.

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