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LETTER: Can you help me help this homeless couple? I have been there myself



“Yesterday I recently met a homeless couple desperately looking for help. I myself can’t offer much because I’m just getting on my feet myself.”

“I do know they are in need of a few very important things.”

1. A tent.
2. Blankets and pillows.
3. Clothes: Men’s size 1X/36 pants, shirts size XL, XXl and shoe size 12.5/13
Woman’s size 18 bottoms or XL, tops size XL or XXL, shoes 8.5/9, socks, undergarments, wipes, feminine products

“I am hoping to find them each some type of backpack that they can carry their belongings in. They are currently using a Burlington shopping bag.

“It is so sad to see someone somewhere I’ve been. I am not looking for money of any sort, but just some stuff that you may have laying around. Please comment or message me if you have anything you would like to help them out with. Please let’s come together and put a smile on their face.”

“They sleep on the bike path on a hospital blanket on the grass and it breaks my heart. I wish I could make miracles happen. If you can’t help by donating anything please help by sharing this. Thank you all so very, very much.”

I remember what it is like being out there with nothing while everyone gave up on me. I may have just met them, but I won’t give up on them and I’ll keep trying to help them with essentials. Please, please, help me help them.

Tiffany Duperre
Fall River

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