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Fired Fall River teacher sues city, Massachusetts Teacher Association, over termination from social media post



A Fall River teacher who was placed on leave and then fired over alleged social media posts is suing both the City of Fall River and the Massachusetts Teacher Association.

According to the Herald News, Taryn Camara, who was a special education teacher at Kuss Middle School, was fired after Facebook posts that were deemed as racist.

In the lawsuit, Camara claims that the teachers union would not represent her in her arbitration case and was given no reason as to why.

On June 5, 2020, it was brought to Superintendent Matthew Malone’s attention that Camara allegedly made the posts. Camara says she attempted to clarify her comments and wants her job back.

Part of Facebook conversation in question obtained by Fall River Reporter

Concerning her social media comments, Camara stated that “she was not expressing the opinion that the white man is the supreme race and gender, but rather, that the white man merely believes he is the supreme race and gender.”

The Herald News stated that Camara’s attorney, Mark Gagliardi, commented that neither parents or teachers complained to administration over the post and that this will turn into a First Amendment retaliation case if the case cannot be resolved.

At the time of Camara being placed on paid administrative leave, a joint Public Statement from the School Committee and Superintendent Malone was released with the following comments.

“We can tell you that we are outraged by what we read from the Facebook screenshots, and we can confirm with conviction that the Fall River Public Schools do not tolerate any form of racist, bigoted, and/or hateful speech from any member of our professional community.”

Camara was later fired in July.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chris

    February 4, 2021 at 10:30 am

    So tell me WHY MALONE STILL HAS A JOB?This lady lost her job for a comment made on her own Social Media Platform(FaceBook) he claims and I quote
    “Fall River Public Schools do not tolerate any form of racist, bigoted, and/or hateful speech” This guy turns around and says the R.word to an employee or says it about this individual and does alot more than what this lady has done. He should have been FIRED NOT HAVE IS SALARY REDUCED and BE ON WATCH. Fall River is gonna have a BIG Lawsuit on their hands if you get rid of MALONE it would probably help the case in court, WE CANT HAVE HYPOCRITES RUNNING THE FALL RIVER SCHOOL SYSTEM.

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