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Fire department issues warning after fire likely caused from e-cigarette



Photo courtesy of Dudley Fire Department

A fire destroyed a vehicle in Massachusetts this week that may likely teach a lesson to others.

According to the Dudley Fire Department, on Thursday, at approximately 3:15 p.m., Dudley Fire Alarm struck a still alarm for a report of an automobile on fire in close proximity to the Quick Mart located at 55 Schofield Avenue.

As the first responding firefighters left Fire Headquarters, they spied a large column of black smoke coming from that direction, and it was apparent they had a well-involved auto at that location. When Engine 3 arrived on scene, they found an auto with the passenger compartment fully involved in fire, parked about 4 feet from the building. One handline was deployed by Dudley firefighters and they quickly got water on the flames that were impinging on the nearby structure. They then quickly doused the car fire, bringing the situation under control.

The car was a total loss, but only minor cosmetic damage was done to the building’s exterior wall covering.

While the cause of the fire is under investigation, the operator of the vehicle believes it was caused by an e-cigarette that he left on the passenger seat which is the location of where the car had been burned.

The Dudley Fire Department warns to treat e-cigarettes just like any open flame as the outcome of the incident could have been much worse.

While the driver lost contents he had in the vehicle, there were no injuries.

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