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Fall River’s Orianna hasn’t received one application for adoption, you can change that



Not a single application for Fall River Forever Paws Pet of the Week Orianna.

FP knew it would be difficult to find a home for her since she needs an adult only home where she’s the only animal…but they didn’t think it would be THIS difficult.

She’s a two-year-old shepherd mix that weighs about 50lbs. She’s a good girl on a leash, especially with a short lead; she’ll stay right by your side the whole time! She’s a fast learner and she LOVES to learn. Her focus (when she actually does focus) is unlike anything else. She’s also eager to please and loves praise as well as the company of humans.

She has her spurts of energy, but she isn’t chaotic energetic. She’s more the bouncy, zoomy kind of energetic. She has no problem with food aggression or possessiveness or resource guarding. She’s reactive to other animals HOWEVER Forever Paws believes that she would be okay on walks in the neighborhood as long as she’s kept on a short lead. She just can’t be housed with other animals. At this time, it could very well be because being in the kennel in the shelter is overstimulating and she doesn’t know what to do with all of that energy. Forever Paws has been working with her to desensitize her and she’s definitely shown some progress so if you continue to work with her, she may very well be fine with other dogs in the future.

Orianna needs someone that knows what they’re doing. Breed experience would be preferable, but someone that has experience in training or working with reactive dogs is a must.

Keep in mind, Orianna is not aggressive towards humans. She’ll plant herself right between your feet and lean back against your legs while you pet her. She’s a project dog but the reward will be incredible because she’s already an amazing dog!

Visit and click adopt to download the application. Once complete, you can email it to or fax it to 508-677-9175.

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