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Fall River Zoning Board of Appeals gives go ahead for proposal of 27 new residential units



A proposal would add over 2 dozen new residential units to the city of Fall River after getting the go ahead to move forward.

At the Thursday, February 15th, City of Fall River Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, Hyde Development LLC represented by Atty. Thomas Killoran, sought to convert the existing vacant structure at 75 Fifth Street into 27 residential units. The applicant sought a Special Permit to reduce the number of parking spaces, waive applicable setback requirements (front, side, and rear yard), and to allow multi-family use in an AOD (Arts Overlay) District. The property is located in a CBD (Central Business) Zoning District and an AOD (Arts Overlay) District.

According to a corporate database, Hyde Development LLC’s agent is Somerset’s Kenneth Mollicone.

Killoran stated at the meeting that the development would have 27 on-site parking spaces and the developer is looking to revitalize the area with the project.

The Board granted the Hyde Development LLC requests pending a site review.

Also, at the meeting, Rodman Enterprises LLC sought a Variance to demolish the existing garages at 771 Rodman Street and construct four townhouse style apartment buildings, containing a total of 14 units: two four-unit buildings and two three-unit buildings. Waiving yard setback and lot coverage in an A-2 (Apartment) Zoning District.

According to Jeff Tolman of Northeast Engineers and Consultants representing Rodman Enterprises LLC, the proposal would have required Salem Street to be abandoned which is not a city street.

The Costa family, who has a three-decker home there, would have to agree to the abandonment which creates a land court issue.

Due to that issue, Tolman agreed to a continuance to the March Zoning Board meeting to make changes to the proposal.

The two proposals come on the heels of over 850 units getting Zoning Board approval for variances and special permits in September.



  1. Barrack Warren

    February 17, 2024 at 6:51 am

    This would give us an excellent opportunity to create housing for undocumented Americans. Fall River needs to do its fair share to help these newly arrived members of our community.

  2. Joe Carvalho

    February 17, 2024 at 10:40 am

    There’s no mention of any of these units being affordable, unlike A developer in New Bedford who is redoinf the former Registry of Moto Vehicles and creating 42 units that are affordable for families and where the developer thanked New Bedford Mayor Mitchell for his help in deveoping the project. I emailed Mayor Coogan the entire article from the New Bedford Standard Times but have not as yey received a response. Fall River’s attitude has been, we only want “market rate housing” and not affordable housing!

  3. Not my world

    February 17, 2024 at 12:46 pm

    Illegal immigrants make better Americans if you are a democrat. House them at UMD. Lots of beds there.

  4. Anonymously fed up

    February 17, 2024 at 2:15 pm

    This city is already overpopulated. We don’t need more housing. We need more police officers and patrol units doubling up In vehicles. The crime rate is through the roof and the people driving in this city don’t pay any attention to signs and traffic laws. They don’t use directionals when changing lanes. I see more road rage and nothing being done about it. Not to mention the shootings that are happening more to frequently. Yet we are taxed to death. The Mayor needs to step up in Police Department and stop taxing people to starvation. We should take care of our own people before taking care of other countries. No street is safe anymore in this city. Where is the help for the poor people? There isn’t any, what a shame that this city and county is coming too. I see no stimulus money coming in for our seniors and disabled people either in this State. The bills are getting bigger and our paychecks are getting smaller. People need to start standing up and pushing back. Why have a college education and student debt? Only to get paid what minimum wage is now. This is ridiculous. Our Justice system needs a huge change. People get slapped on the wrist and sent back into the streets. I see complaints on people wanting rent capped. Well the taxes on water, insurance premiums, house taxes ect… keep going up. Not to mention the regular bills keep going up and food prices. All grocery stores prices are the same no matter where you shop. Unless you drive to all of them for the sale prices. Who can afford that? Remember the Boston Tea Party? If not, do your research. Look at who you voted for.

    • BlueBloodBloke

      February 17, 2024 at 9:37 pm

      Maybe if police officers like Dick Hoar, Custodio, Pesoa, etc. weren’t getting the city sued for millions of dollars we would have more money for police.

      We need a housecleaning of FRPD, FRFD, FRSD, and City Hall to remove the bad apples and nepotism.

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