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Fall River woman looking for public’s help after two pet dog’s ashes were stolen



Lisa Estrela with her son and Purl

A Fall River woman is hoping the public can help her locate something that money can’t replace.

According to Lisa Estrela, someone broke into her car Friday night in her driveway near the Boys & Girls Club at the corner of Bedford and Tobin.

“I never leave my door unlocked but I must have forgot.”

Estrela says that many items were stolen from her vehicle, but her main concern is two items that can’t be substituted.

“These pendants have my dog’s ashes in them. 1 dog I had for 17 years & the other for 11 years. They have no use for them & are probably just going to throw them away. I have no more ashes to even get new ones.”

Photos of the pendants

Estrela stated that she has scoured the area trying to find Purl and Bowzer’s ashes.

“I’ve checked barrels and been walking the streets to find them. I’m completely heartbroken. This was all I had left of my beloved dogs & now they’ve taken that from me.”


Estrela is hoping someone may find them after possibly being discarded by the thief.

“I’m willing to give a little reward if found. I can’t believe how mean & cruel people can be to take something that means so much to me that they can’t do anything with them. I’m making it public so if anyone can share & get the word out, I’d be so appreciative.”

If you have any information on the pendants, contact Fall River Reporter or Fall River Police.

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