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Fall River woman has car stolen with mementos of recently deceased grandmother



A Fall River woman has not only had her car stolen, but some prized possessions along with it.

Kolyan Yoeum says her car was stolen Monday night and in her car are pictures of her grandmother who passed away not too long ago.

Kolyan’s car was stolen from North Underwood Street. It’s a 2006 white Nissan Xterra, MA license plate 6PMV90. Kolyan’s sent us the above picture which is not her vehicle, but one similar.

“On the driver’s side there is minor damage such as rusting and the dark plastic part in the front of the driver’s side is a bit lifted.”

Kolyan is devastated about the photos and is hoping the public can help her get her car and photos back.

“If anyone could share this post or be on the look out for my car that would be fantastic. You can contact me or the Fall River Police Department.”

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