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Fall River Police arrest city man in break-in at TJ’s Music



Photo courtesy of Trevor Santana

Fall River Police have arrested a suspect in a break-in of a city business.

According to Lt. Jay D. Huard, on August 12th at approximately 10:08 p.m., Officers Nicholas Pleiss, Paul Furtado, Raul Camara, Nicholas Mello and Officer Athanasios Parousis were dispatched to 347 South Main Street, TJ’s Music, regarding a break in progress. It was reported that a male suspect had broken into the business and was still inside the building.

Upon arrival, officers observed that a glass window on the south side of the building had been broken, allowing access to the interior of the building. A towel had been placed over the glass and left in place. Officers observed a small amount of suspected blood in the midst of the broken glass near the towel.

During the investigation, officers were able to review surveillance video and observed a male suspect inside the business wearing a black tank top with writing on it, knee length dark gray shorts and dark colored flip flops with some kind of writing on them.

Detective Eric Copsetta was also able to locate several items that had been stolen from TJ’s Music behind the Rob Roy Academy at 260 South Main Street. Upon closer inspection it appeared that there was a small amount of suspected blood on the stolen evidence.

At approximately 11:30 p.m., Sgt. Kelly Furtado and K9 Officer Lopes were searching the area for a suspect and observed a man walking south on Second Street that matched the description of the suspect from the TJ’s security cameras. While speaking with the male, officers observed that he had small fresh cuts on his lower left leg and small shards of broken glass in the folds of his shorts. The suspect was asked how he had received the fresh cuts on his legs and he stated that he didn’t remember how he had cut his legs. He was also asked about the glass shards in his shorts and he claimed he had no idea how it got there.

Anilton Martins, 37, from Second Street, Fall River was then placed under arrest.

Martins is charged with Breaking and Entering/Night Time Intent Felony, Larceny from a Building, Vandalize Property, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.

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