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Fall River announces Youth of the Year winner, nominees



Photo courtesy of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

Mayor Paul Coogan, in conjunction with the School Community Partnership, hosted the Youth of the Year Ceremony on Wednesday in the Granite Grille in Durfee High School.

Durfee High School Senior Soleei Guasp came home with this year’s top honor.

According to Fall River Youth Violence Prevention, the 2021 Finalists included Nikolai Rodrigues, Emma Thiboutot, Kassidy Thames, Adam Souza, Cynthiyana Mendez, and Cassidy Medeiros. 2021 Nominees included Colin Hargraves, Kelvyn Strong, Sadie Fitzgerald, Joseph Lariviere Jr., Madison Stevens, and Emily Cativo.

The Youth of the Year Award is designed to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions and achievements of the young people of Fall River who have served their community through leadership, knowledge, skill and/or service. The award is sponsored by the School Community Partnership, a task force of Greater Fall River Partners for a Healthier Community.

The award is a three-part process: a nomination by a caring adult, an essay by the youth and an interview. Youth were nominated based on their accomplishments in 2021 in the areas of: personal achievement, leadership abilities, healthy living and/or community
involvement. The essay required the youth to explain why “you matter” by talking about the positive attributes and characteristics that make them unique and the reason why the world is a better place because they are in it.

Guasp has been racking up honors as of late as last month she was recognized with the Hispanic Heritage Youth Award.

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