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Elon Musk employee finds missing five-year-old autistic Massachusetts girl while on the job



Photo courtesy of Plymouth Police

A man while on the job yesterday just may have saved a little girl’s life.

According to Plymouth Police, yesterday, while installing solar panels in Buttermilk Bay, Jake Manna heard that people in the neighborhood were looking for a missing, five-year-old autistic girl. He stopped what he was doing and began searching.

Jake walked down a rural trail that ended at a stream. He noticed a diaper and t-shirt in the stream. Panicked, he ran down the stream to a marsh where he found the young girl in waist deep water. She did not listen to him and continued wading outward. He was able to make his way to her and “put her over his shoulder,” carried her out, and got her to safety.

Plymouth Police stated that Jake is not from Plymouth and doesn’t know the area.

“If he didn’t pick that path and see the missing clothing, we hate to think about what the outcome would have been.”

Officer Vinnie Roth, who was responding to the original call, stated “that girl had a guardian angel yesterday…and his name was Jake.”

Jake today was presented with a certificate and Command Coin from Chief Dana Flynn and Captain LeBretton.

PD stated that they heard that Jake works for Elon Musk and they are hoping that he receives some love from his boss.



  1. Ken Masson

    July 14, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    Elon Musk employee? Shouldn’t Tesla Solar employee been more appropriate? This is a public corporation and this headline makes it look like Elon musk is a hero somehow.

    Even more appropriate would have been solar company employee. Tesla or Musk aren’t the hero, the employee is. It shouldn’t matter what corporation he works for.

  2. Kreg Ave

    August 3, 2022 at 2:16 pm

    “KEVIN” (Misinformation) Masson. SolarCity was at the forefront of the solar energy industry after its founding in 2006. Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) bought the company in 2016. SolarCity is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tesla, so instead of buying SolarCity stock, you’ll need to purchase Tesla instead.Aug 15, 2021. Not to worry, I get it, short sighted, it has an effect on seeing bigger pictures, signs were missed in the article. If I may retort. *In many peoples eyes; Elon Musk is a Hero. He hires like minded individuals who want to “be the change”. They possess integrity (do the right thing even when no one is looking). Pausing ones roofing duties well knowing your boss is hyper focused on being efficient (not wasting time) to take a walk in LOVE. Jake (yes, Elons employee) was showing empathy and compassion towards something bigger than what was at his fingertips. It is clear for the world to see Elons/Jake values align: a care for: humanity, freewill, love, integrity, sustainable energy for transportation & storage. Truly, Elons/Jakes vibes of positivity goes on & on to me.. I ride the train of energy… & onward it flows, not stopping for foes, I plant a tree, the next too see, thou seed & Sun, some not will grow, only Lord knows, i spare some time to drop a dime to lift you up with a rhyme, spending my change on Massons lame, note he wrote, there is little hope, to fix his views from high pews, i do feel real soar-ry missed heavens glory and like Noa’s boat the comments don’t float, I think I’m done, admit was fun, Hawaiians say Pau, HOw NOW Brown cOW` Peace

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