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Dighton man arrested on computer and voyeurism charges



A Dighton man has been charged after doing work at an East Providence home.

On July 13th, the East Providence Police Department arrested Derrick Calvano, 47 on the charges of Intentional Computer Access and Video Voyeurism.

On July 11th, East Providence Police received a complaint from a female stating that she had just moved into her apartment and she was having Verizon installed. Calvano, who was the tech, was doing the installation. At one point Calvano asked the female if she had any devices that she wanted to connect to her Verizon services. The victim stated she did and handed over her I-pad to Calvano.

A short time later, the victim received a text message on her I-phone alerting her to a video that had just been sent from her I-pad to an unknown number. The message, which was of personal and sensitive nature, had been sent while Calvano had been in possession of the I-pad.

East Providence Detective Jeffrey Mace investigated the case which then resulted in the arrest of Calvano. Mace was also involved in the Flint Audio Video arrests.

East Providence Police urge caution whenever turning over personal devices to others for service or repair.

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