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Dartmouth Police looking for Dr. Evil and his not-so-shagadelic sidekick, Frau Farbissina



Dartmouth Police are looking for two robbery suspects and are looking for the public’s help in their typical humorous way.

The statement from DPD is as follows:

“Yeah, baby! This post is definitely super groovy.”

“DPD is looking for some help getting our mojo on, as we attempt to identify Dr. Evil and his not-so-shagadelic sidekick, Frau Farbissina.”

“With intelligence already gathered by our field agents, we suspect that they are constructing a top secret evil lair somewhere in Southeastern Massachusetts. We also suspect that this lair will have a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with stolen Best Buy laptops, which will be used to program microchips that will be placed in the brains of killer sharks with lasers attached to their heads.”

“If you would like to help us foil their evil plot to take over the world, you can either call Detective Kyle Costa at 508-910-1755 or send us a private message.”

“If you do help us identify them, rumor has it that there might be a one milllllllion dollar reward coming your way. Again, that is just a rumor!”

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