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City of Fall River, Bristol County Sheriff’s office partnering to clean up homeless encampments



Fall River Reporter earlier today received a report that officials were cleaning up a known homeless encampment off of Brayton avenue in Fall River. We arrived on the scene and live streamed a video showing officials (to include marked Sheriff officials) cleaning a homeless encampment.

We reached out to Fall River Mayor Paul Coogan who confirmed the clean up is in partnership with the Bristol County Sheriff’s office to clear old tents and trash. “There are six people living in that area and we are clearing the abandoned tents and trash. The residents living there are not being moved, just the abandoned items like tents and trash,” said Mayor Coogan. “This is part of an effort to clean up different parts of Fall River. We cleaned up Charles Street two weeks ago and currently working on Pleasant Street. We will be active again on Monday.”

On Tuesday morning, Fall River firefighters responded to a 2 am fire at a homeless encampment in the area of 83 Club Street. Mayor Coogan denies the clean up is in response to the fire as the city-wide clean up started weeks ago.

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