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Citizens cleaning up Fall River one street at a time



Photo courtesy of CCFR

As we know, many locals have their opinions on what they feel needs to be done to make this city a brighter place. There is one group, however, who is much more about action then words. CCFR (Citizens For A Cleaner Fall River) has put their time to good use by beautifying Fall River one project at a time. In their few years of existence, the group has cleaned up street after street from Wilson Road to Brayton Avenue.

There is no self proclaimed leader of this group. They just get together and get things done. As the warmer weather has arrived, they have begun hitting spots more frequently, but even the cold does not stop their drive from making Fall River a cleaner place to live.

Quarry Street before and after (CCFR)


CCFR vastly contributes to the cleanliness of our city in more ways then sweating it out in the sun. They are also lending a hand to help others keep trash off of our city streets. During a conversation between Hearts of Hope co-founder Alicia Vitorino and radio personality Laura Washington on her “Straight Up” show a few weeks back, the issue arose concerning the homeless population and their difficulty in keeping areas clean due to issues with the purple bags and trespassing. Laura came up with the idea that the Fall River homeless could use city litter bags. After the group was contacted by Alicia, 20 bags to encampments across the city were distributed courtesy of CCFR. Not only have homeless camps become cleaner, but as the photo below indicates, some of the camp residents have taken it upon themselves to clean up other people’s trash thanks to the bag donation and Alicia’s help.

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(Hearts of Hope)


If you have any doubt about the group’s intentions, they would rather not be called out individually. CCFR prefers to be recognized as a group. Letting their efforts to improve the community do the talking. “This is a group effort to bring awareness to our city. Members would like to be recognized as a group rather than individuals.”

They are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, or have a spot in mind that you would like them to cover, contact their Facebook page at CCFR

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. pat francoeur

    May 12, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    it’s pretty sad when citizens have to clean up after property owners. I think the mayor ought to look around and all the abandoned properties also .I live in the st peter and paul neighborhood for seven years now , and there’s a fire damaged home on dover st. that’s riddled with trash and furniture and god knows what else . it’s pretty disgusting . but HATS OFF TO THE FEW PEOPLE WHO CARE !!!!!

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