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Citizens are urged by local authorities to carry Narcan



In light of the recent surge of opioid overdoses, local authorities are urging all citizens to obtain and carry the life-saving drug Naloxone (Narcan). Those who know someone struggling with addiction are especially urged to keep the drug on hand in case of an overdose. With heroin and fentanyl so readily available, the number of overdose scenes to which local police are called has spiked dramatically in recent years.

While first responders have Narcan available, the time it takes to reach the scene of the overdose is often a matter of life and death. Anyone that can administer the drug as soon as an overdose occurs is urged to do so. Naturally, this is not a substitute for contacting the authorities and should a friend or family member be experiencing an overdose, calling 9-1-1 should always be the first priority.

Naloxone, or Narcan, is covered by most health insurance. There are also two Fall River locations where it can be obtained at no cost: at ‘Seven Hills Behavioral Health’ (310 South Main Street) or at the ‘Greater Fall River Addiction Help Center’ on Thursday, November 30 between 5:30 – 7:30 at Government Center.

For more information about Naloxone and a full list of MA locations where it can be obtained, please refer to:

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