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Church closings, mergers are possible in Fall River Diocese, update on St. Anne’s church



Photo by Mike Dooley

Could your local parish be closing?

According to Bishop da Cunha, the diocese is looking to have strong institutions that can provide services needed. This may cause the combining or closure of parishes. The Bishop also stated that although parishioners become attached to a building of worship, and he realized the importance of that, he does not see the church as a building.

The Fall River Diocese will begin 12-18 months of strategic plan.

The purpose of “Renewing the Ministries of the Diocese” is to:

1. Forge a new vision out of the needs and aspirations
of many, not just a few clergy or administrators.
2. Foster unity with the Bishop.
3. Support our pastors, to enable “priests to be
4. Listen to the concerns of our lay people.
5. Bring back those frustrated or fallen away from the
6. Allow laity to contribute their considerable time
and talent in meaningful and productive ways.
7. Find “positive deviants” — those with extraordinary
passion and skill to do great things.
8. Engage clergy and laity in productive ways that
show results.
9. Renew our mission to change lives.
10. Develop needed resources, financial and human.


In related news, Fall River Reporter contacted St Anne’s Parish in regards to rumors and the possible price tag to repair the church.

Here is Father David C. Deston Jr’s response.

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