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Car break-ins lead to police chase where officer is hit, suspects wanted in several communities



Photo courtesy of Wrentham Police

Suspects wanted on several felony charges fled police across several communities Saturday.

According to Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath, approximately 2:30 p.m., WPD received a 911 call from a Franklin Street resident who reported they observed two suspects break the window of their car, steal a pocketbook from inside and then flee. The resident provided a description of the suspect vehicle, a black Dodge Charger with California tags, and a direction of travel.

Seconds later, police spotted the suspect vehicle on Route 1A at Route 121. Two police cruisers initiated a stop of the suspect vehicle on South Street, one cruiser positioned behind the vehicle while the second cruiser was positioning in front of the suspect vehicle to block and prevent escape. When all vehicles were almost at a stop, the suspect vehicle quickly accelerated, forcing it’s way past the cruiser that was attempting to block and contacting the front end of that cruiser.

A brief pursuit followed as the suspect vehicle fled on Route 495 southbound, exit 15. The pursuit was terminated near exit 14 because of excessive speed by the suspect vehicle.

Shortly afterwards, a civilian motorist reported observing what turned out to be the suspect vehicle, from which an occupant was throwing pocketbooks out of the window. That civilian stopped, picked up the pocketbooks and delivered them to the North Attleboro Police Department where a Wrentham police officer later retrieved them. The Wrentham police along with Massachusetts State Police also checked the area of Route 295 where the pocketbooks were thrown, however; found nothing else.

According to Chief McGrath, the suspects are under investigation in other communities in connection with serious felony offenses. The matters are under investigation.

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