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Boo Boo the bear has now invaded the Southcoast



Photo courtesy of Plympton Police

The famous Boo Boo the Bear has now made an appearance on the Southcoast.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources is warning residents of a black bear seen over the past few days in South Wareham. It is likely to be the same bear who was nicknamed “Boo-Boo” by several area police departments, and has been seen in various towns across the South Shore and most recently in Kingston and Carver.

According to WDNR, The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game will only take steps to relocate the bear if it is in danger.

WDNR recommends that if you see a bear, do not approach it, attempt to scare it, or leave food out for it. Experts recommend these steps below to make your property less attractive when there is bear activity in your area:

– Remove bird feeders, the blue jays will chomp at Boo Boos snout!
– Secure all trash/recycling containers. Under normal circumstances, Boo Boo loves dumpster diving.
– Clean/cover all grills.
– Don’t leave sweet treats outside.
– Remove any outdoor pet food, Boo Boo has made it clear that he does not like to associate with the feral cats that you may be feeding – too aggressive for him.
– Tell your neighbors if you see the bear, Boo Boo loves his picture taken.

WDNR states that to protect your pets, consider not leaving them outside in your yard alone and when walking a dog, use a leash (so you can control them and remove them should you encounter a bear). Boo Boo is afraid of your little Jack Russel Terrier that thinks he is a bear himself.

If Boo Boo becomes aggressive or is in danger itself, call 911 or your local police.

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