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Work begins on Stanley Street Fire Station to keep leaks, breathing troubles at bay



Photo courtesy of Fire Chief John Lynch

Last week, the Fall River Stanley Street Fire Station had to be shut down due to unhealthy conditions. While the station passed air quality tests in all areas of the building later in the week, work began today to institute a more long term plan to remedy the current situation at the station.

Elevated mold levels had been detected in some parts of the building which led to a cleaning of the unhealthy areas of the building. That didn’t, however, take care of the leaky roof and terrible air quality. According to Fall River Fire Union President Jason Burns, work began today to the roof of the structure along with the addition of three dehumidifiers to improve the air quality at the location.

“It is part of a multi-pronged approach. We are mainly using dehumidifiers throughout the station along with a layover of roofing to help keep the water out. Those are the two biggest things, although dehumidifiers are the most important.”

City workers are completing the work on the project that is being accomplished through city funds. In talking to Burns, the work was seriously needed, at least until the best long term solution, a new building, can be achieved.

“This should certainly end the water getting in the building via the roof. I’d say that is #2 of importance. The 2 large dehumidifiers in the basement and 1 on the apparatus floor will probably do most of the work to dry out the air. We’ve had buckets scattered throughout the offices/living quarters(top floor) during rainstorms to catch water. The air quality was always good upstairs. It was terrible mostly in the basement and elevated on the apparatus floor. This is really the present-day solution. The building is still 120+ years old with a porous old stone foundation.”

Firefighters have enough hazards to deal with while fighting a fire. It is nice to see, at least for the time being, that the crew at the Stanley Street Station won’t have any additional hazards to deal with while waiting for a call from dispatch.

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